Spray is over. AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology is in.

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AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology represents everything spray is not. It's environmentally responsible. It's lightweight. It's durable. It's aerodynamic. And it achieves a level of aesthetic quality that traditional sprayed paint applications will never reach.

AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology is what happens when chemists, engineers, and entrepreneurs take the initiative, and the time, to rethink paint. And now that the thinking is finished, it's time to apply it.


Where it leads: greater performance


Imagine. No primer. No overspray. No clear coat applied. And not a single molecule of PVC to be found. AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology is as close to VOC-free as any paint has ever been.

The implications are enormous. For every application in which environmental impact is part of the equation. For every business who wants to be ahead of the curve. For every visionary who knows the financial rewards of offering a product that doesn't harm the environment.


AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology weighs less, because it simply requires less to do the job. Traditional sprayed paint applications often require multiple layers of coating. AERO™ film-based paint system is a one-coat process.

Consider this. Coating a 747 jetliner with AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology requires 2500 fewer pounds of paint than traditional sprayed applications. Now imagine the fuel savings on every flight. Multiplied by the number of flights for the life of the aircraft. Bottom line, AERO™ equals huge savings.


Thin doesn't begin to describe it. At 50 microns in its final form, AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology delivers unparalleled performance. Because graphics are embedded within AERO™ film-based paints, there's less drag. Which translates to fuel savings for any business that puts a fleet of vehicles on the road every morning.


It's one thing to claim durability. It's another to prove it. So we put AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology to the test. Six test panels. Each with AERO™ film-based paint applied at increasing thickness levels. Then we hit them with a sandblaster from a range of 1.25' packed with 80 grit material at a pressure setting of 100 PSI.

The results? Impressive. In fact, AERO 300 withstood the pressure for 10 minutes and 32 seconds before its surface was penetrated. That's more punishment than AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology would ever encounter in the real world. And that's good to know.


For any business that places a priority on the image its brand reflects, AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology is worth more than a second look. Because compared to traditional paint, there is no comparison.

Traditional paint is something you look at. AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology is something you look into.

AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology has a brilliant quality that inspired one journalist to describe it as liquid metal. That's the best description we've heard to date. But if you have a better one, please let us know.


Where it was born:

As a vertically integrated provider of advanced material solutions, we see what happens when scientists and engineers have the freedom to not only ask why, but also ask, why not?

It's an approach that's produced remarkable advancements in life sciences, computer disc drive performance, and carbon fiber applications.

Here, in this solutions-oriented environment, AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology was originally developed to maintain the integrity of FAA-required markings on commercial airliners. Once the technology behind AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology was proven effective, we asked ourselves one last question: Why not rethink paint entirely?

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