AERO is committed to saving lives amidst the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19, novel coronavirus) pandemic
AERO Clear 420 Launched to Help Combat COVID-19 and Assist Healthcare Workers

The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus illuminated the urgent need for healthcare worker personal protective equipment (PPE). Yet, the current state of the art for surgical face shields limits the function of the PPE, and subsequently, the effectiveness of the healthcare worker.

Polycarbonate and polyester (PET) have very low resistance to abrasion. In healthcare, permanent polycarbonate and disposable PET shields are therefore limiting due scratches forming from continued usage within the healthcare provider’s field of view. Further, continuous necessary washing further ablates the surface of the shield causing micro-scratches where bacteria and other pathogens can emerge or embed themselves. This poses an additional environmental hazard and can inhibit infection prevention.

AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology seeks to aid the effectiveness of healthcare workers through the deployment of a self-healing, flexible shield cover for washable face shields.

Product Description

AERO™ Sustainable Paint Technology was originally developed for the aerospace/defense industry as a durable, lightweight evolution to paint and clear coatings. The technology was then perfected in the extreme environments of motorsport and is available today for multiple applications across numerous industries.

Within the medical industry, the same ultra-durable, self-healing clear film technology can be utilized as a both a permanent film cover for washable polycarbonate face shields, as well as a temporary disposable standalone face shield as AERO Clear Shield. AERO Clear 420’s core technology is based on the confluence of advanced chemistry and materials science, where scientists were able to engineer superior performance into the chemical structure, molecule by molecule.

The resulting polyurethane-based AERO Clear 420 product is a 0.4 mm self-healing, optically clear, flexible, comfortable, and washable shield film that will not scratch over continued usage or maintenance. AERO Clear 420 can withstand numerous washes with antimicrobial disinfectants and detergents, and is inherently non-porous, thereby inhibiting pathogens from growing or dwelling on the face shield.

AERO Clear 420 is designed as a flexible shield to allow for improved wear comfort. The design is compatible with other PPE, and allows the healthcare worker unencumbered movement. Further, the flexible design will not be jarred loose by contact with patients, workers, and/or equipment during delivery of care.

Product Performance Characteristics

General Durability Testing


AERO 420

Gravelometer (ASTM D3170)


Direct Impact Resistance (ASTM D2794)

> 150 in-lbs.

Indirect Impact Resistance (ASTM D2794)

> 150 in-lbs.

Frozen Gravelometer (-20°F) (ASTM D3170)


Abrasion Resistance CS-17 (500 cycles)


Falling Sand (liters/mil)

>> 35 secs


AERO™ self-healing clear films are inherently durable, as designed for the aerospace industry, to resist abrasion, erosion, impingement, and several chemicals and reagents for superior performance.

Scrub Testing

Testing of AERO Clear 420 versus polycarbonate and PET shields using anti-microbial surface cleaner, 25 times.


Polyester (PET)

AERO Clear 420

AERO Clear 420 remains optically clear and ready for reuse. Further, the self-healing nature of AERO film-based products is maintained throughout.

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