Environmentally Sustainable Paint, and Peace of Mind, for Vespa Owner

The Vespa GTV 300 has a fuel consumption rating of 76 miles per gallon. And while we continue to edge toward minimizing carbon emissions and energy efficiency, there are still few options to cover all bases. Yet, at AERO, we believe an environmentally conscious buyer shouldn't have to worry that the traditional, spray applied paint is loaded with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and often produce harmful waste.

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology was designed with a spirit of environmental sustainability. By building AERO from the molecule up, AERO scientists were able to create a better material, not only in terms of performance, but also better for the environment. AERO contains no VOCs and does not require aerosols or harmful chemicals during application. The production of AERO was streamlined and vertically integrated in order to maximize energy efficiencies not found in many other advanced materials production, leading to virtually zero carbon emissions. 

And still, AERO has some of the best aesthetic qualities in the automotive paint industry, as well as massively superior durability. Customers who choose AERO gain a longer lasting finish that will not discolor, fade, haze, chip, scratch, or peel.

Ultimately, discerning customers choose AERO to enhance the aesthetic value of their vehicle, home, or aircraft. However, the added peace of mind of long-lasting durability in an environmentally sustainable technology is another of great attributes AERO delivers in every one of our color offerings.

Thanks to Accel Partners' Sameer Gandhi and Authorized AERO Installer GMP Cars for the opportunity on this Vespa GTV 300.