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Ben Sloss Treynor's Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO with AERO livery at Laguna Seca

Benjamin Sloss trusts AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology

In the information technology world, Benjamin Sloss is one of the most influential individuals, pioneering new methodologies for large-scale infrastructure … more
2014 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, courtesy of Newspress

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology shows performance and value at SEMA 2014

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (November 4, 2014) – AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology is a film-based paint system that has been developed within the aerospace … more
Michael Shank Racing AERO livery for COTA

Ultra-Durable AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology Withstands Season-long Track Exposure

COLUMBUS, Ohio (October 29, 2014) - AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology sets a new standard in durability for motorsports applications. By engineering the … more
NASCAR Sprint Cup Goody's Headache Relief Shot 500 at Martinsville

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology enters NASCAR with TDS

MARTINSVILLE, Virginia (October 27, 2014)—AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology was showcased on three liveries for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race in … more
OSU's Venturi Buckeye Bullet-3 with AERO Advanced Paint Technology™ Livery, Photo Credit: Denis Boussard/Venturi Automobiles

FIA confirms world speed record for OSU-Venturi electric vehicle

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) confirms world land speed record for Ohio State's Venturi VBB-3 electric vehicle in Category A, Group … more
"Jackie Ferrari" design for Ferrari 458 Italia in the Forza 5 Showroom

Jackie Heinricher's Ferrari 458 Challenge Car Now Available in Microsoft Studios' Forza Motorsport 5 for Xbox One

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology is one of the best livery options to capture aesthetic value that appeals to fans at the track, audiences at home, and … more
Google VP Ben Sloss's Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo with the Andy Blackmore Design/AERO Advanced Paint Technology™ Livery

Andy Blackmore Design Newsletter, June 2014

This feature comes from Andy Blackmore's June 2014 Newsletter, which features a collaboration between Andy Blackmore Design and AERO™ Advanced Paint … more
entrotech mission bay office, san francisco, ca

Entrotech medical dressing kills drug-resistant infections

This article originally appeared in the San Francisco Business TimesBy Patrick Hoge, ReporterJim McGuire is an entrepreneur who finds business … more
Team USA Two-man Bobsleds with AERO Advanced Paint Technology

U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton Federation (USBSF) Teams Find Competitive Edge with AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology

PRESS RELEASE SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 31, 2014) -- In a sport where the difference between winning and losing is measured in small fractions of a … more
YouTube video featuring Jake Peterson and Luc Populin

Two-man Bobsled with AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology Livery Driven by Jake Peterson and Luc Populin

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology livery on Team USA Two-man Bobsled Driven by athletes Jake Peterson and Luc Populin.