Silicon Valley-based Kitty Hawk features innovative paint solution AERO™ on its prototype Kitty Hawk Flyer

It is obvious and trite to refer to Silicon Valley as a hotbed of innovation and technology. Yet, day after day, we continue to see some of the coolest gadgets, apps, hardware, and designs coming out of Northern California. And now, we hold our breaths as we witness the advent of the flying car.

Enter the Kitty Hawk Flyer. The all-new, all-electric ultralight class aircraft available by year-end 2017 in the United States. While the aircraft falls under the purview of the Federal Aviation Administration, you won’t need a pilot’s license to commandeer this pioneering innovation.

The designers and developers of the Kitty Hawk Flyer employed every bit of cutting edge technology in order to truly set the market in this brand new space. AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology, with executive offices in San Francisco, was the obvious choice for Kitty Hawk.

AERO™ film-based paints were originally developed to meet the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry, to be used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We designed the technology from the molecule up, which gave our scientists the ability to engineer in added performance and value over traditional paints. We thereby achieved an ultra-durable, lightweight, easy-to-install, and environmentally sustainable paint, proven by some of the world’s fastest racing drivers in motorsports.

By adopting AERO for their prototype, Kitty Hawk avoids the needs for expensive paint booths, and maintains peace of mind in using and environmentally sustainable product with no hazardous waste. Furthermore, AERO will provide added durability for the Flyer, while maintaining superb looks and aesthetic value.

Take a look at the Kitty Hawk Flyer featuring AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology here:

AERO continues to be a trusted product for applications requiring the highest value and performance, where the spirit of advanced materials and technology innovation is key.

Headline photo courtesy of Kitty Hawk